1. How can I find a specific product I am looking for?

All our products come with a unique product code/name. Simply enter the specific code/name in the search option available on the website and it will help you find the product of your choice. If you do not receive any results, this means the product is not available anymore.


2. How can I receive regular updates about the new collections coming?

You can sign up for our email newsletter.


3. What is the minimum order quantity limit?

There is no minimum order quantity limit in terms of total order price.


4. Can I cancel my order after confirmation?

At this moment, we do not provide this option. Once an order is confirmed, it goes to the warehouse for dispatch.


5. How do I lodge a complaint if there is any?

In case of a complaint, please fill this COMPLAINT FORM. One of our customer service representatives will assist you on priority.


6. What if the product I want is out of stock?

If a product runs out, it will either not be visible on the website or it will be marked as “Out of Stock”. An order may only be placed once the product shows as “Available” on the website.


7. How do I know if an item is in stock?

An “In Stock” product will always have an “Add to Cart” button on its page. If your desired size for a product is not present on the page, it means the size is out of stock.


8. Are there any promotions available?

We at Inner Lines strive to bring the best value to our customers by offering innovation with unmatched product quality. Our prices are already of a competitive nature.